To-Do List


~Walk to old basilica and eat dates and cheese outside it.

~Check mass times.

~Research La Rioja wines and buy a bottle after siesta.

~Read one of the two English books in the albergue, a writing textbook or The Handmaid’s Tale.

~Buy face wash?

~Shower and do laundry.

~Buy another baguette and more biscotti for tomorrow.

~Visit third of three bars in town for a glass of 90 cent red wine.


~Sit in the garden before it gets dark.

One thought on “To-Do List

  1. Chelsea, we just got back from our Camino hike. I’m going back and reading your blogs from the bottom up, in sequence. I love your writing style – you’ve got skills. The only thing I want more of is the specifics that anchor your experience in the real world. Like town names. Maybe I’m just curious because, as a “Camino hand”, I’m invested.


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