My Google Search History

I’m writing a book. It’s about… just click that link.

I’m halfway through a painstaking round of edits: so far, I’ve got through Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Albania, and Zambia.

I’m keeping a list of everything I’ve fact-checked.

  • why scary airplane landing tegucigalpa
  • la ermita meaning
  • honduras how dangerous ranking
  • what’s up with rebar
  • cinderblock
  • cinder-block
  • is it cinderblock or cinder-block or cinder block
  • what are baby lice called
  • pulperia
  • pulperia honduras not octopus
  • puta definition spanish
  • volcanoes antigua
  • volcano marshmallows antigua
  • no reindeer in guatemala
  • chicken guatemala
  • quetzal usd exchange rate 2014
  • how do they dye chicks pink guatemala easter
  • anointing oil christian
  • can i bring chick back to life with a hair dryer
  • what day of the week valentines day 2014
  • winter olympics azerbaigjan 2014
  • azerbaijjan
  • azarbaijan
  • pork rinds in spanish
  • humidity el salvador
  • lorde pure heroine
  • toilet paper el salvador (image search)
  • do brown or black scorpions kill you
  • can you break surfboards in half
  • lice hair dye
  • how to spell life savers
  • lifesavers candy
  • can hair dye kill lice
  • bulgaria hair dye
  • communism hair dye
  • vaxigrip syringe
  • peanut butter bulgarian
  • bulgarian orthodox church
  • bulgarian orthodox church heirarchy
  • does bulgarian orthodox church have priests
  • does bulgarian orthodox church have bishops
  • bulgarian orthodox church patriarchs
  • are patriarchs dead or alive
  • i will be their god and they will be my people
  • vagina in albanian
  • tom sawyer whitewashing scene
  • who plays the pop star in love actually
  • rules of english subjunctive
  • beer brands albania
  • why is chicken good in zambia
  • katy perry dark horse release date
  • katy perry dark horse music video
  • cursing underwear
  • brazier fire
  • football stadium lusaka
  • sheema
  • shima
  • nshima
  • what is nshima
  • nshima vs ugali
  • nshima nutrition
  • chocolate milk brands zambia
  • nshima and nsima same

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