More Google Search History

I’m finishing up the edits on the draft of my book because I’m writing a book about my experience on the World Race in 2014. It’s so much work and I’m still chugging, I’ve been chugging since it was dark and cold and now it’s hot and light and I’m still chugging. I still don’t have a title for the sucker, but I’ve got ideas written on envelopes and napkins.

These are the things I’ve fact-checked as I’ve edited the second half of my book. Hopefully they make you think I’m very intriguing, and you resolve today to buy a lot of copies when it comes out.

  • jollyboys hostel Livingstone Zambia
  • lilongwe mzuzu distance
  • Is pentecostal capitalized?
  • mbala
  • languages Malawi
  • gorongosa mozambique
  • great rift valley
  • never never land hyphens
  • do you capitalize vice president
  • brian reagan i love art
  • mikes super short show
  • is Eeyore baffled?
  • plural of gin and tonic
  • honey i shrunk the kids
  • is midget derogatory
  • carlsberg probably the best beer in the world
  • good night in portuguese
  • wes anderson
  • two by four hyphenated
  • dona ana bridge
  • rail bridges mozambique
  • caia mozambique
  • gorongosa park or city
  • which way does the zambezi flow
  • border checkpoints in mozambique
  • border checkpoints in mozambique map
  • border checkpoints in mozambique -south -africa
  • border checkpoints in mozambique malawi
  • is french fries capitalized
  • hasidic jews tattoos
  • names of games in quotes in chicago
  • sung tow thailand
  • caustic definition
  • chintzy definition
  • making my way downtown song
  • doge car game
  • week-long or week long
  • fuge in d minor
  • magic the gathering
  • master’s degree
  • masters degree
  • heretofore
  • straightedge
  • dollar ringgit exchange rate
  • KLCC
  • nasi lemak
  • malcolm gladwell
  • marina abromovic
  • cliff dwellers lodge lee’s ferry


One thought on “More Google Search History

  1. I hate this part of book writing – it can be so tedious. And that assumes that the whole thing flows and connects like you want. And then the grammar and punctuation checking. Hope you find the people to help with each phase.


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