Work with Me

Did you know Chelsea the Writer is also Chelsea the Editor? Please contact me to learn more about my services and rates.



Whether you need a developmental editor to help you plot the arc of your next novel, or a copyeditor to bring your manuscript to a publishable standard, I’m your person. I specialize in literary nonfiction, travel writing, memoir, and novels.

Beta Reading

Did you write a book? A screenplay? A poem? Do you need a fresh set of eyes to give you some feedback? As an author, I have worked extensively with beta readers and as a beta reader, and this is one of the most important steps you can take before editing and publishing a new work. I will read your entire work and provide you with a detailed evaluation and feedback on reader experience, the work’s strengths and weaknesses, and direction on what it needs before it goes to the world.

Writing Coaching and Consulting

If you are seeking to improve your writing skills as a student, novelist, or just a nervous email-sender, I am available for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Website copyediting

Launching a business or blog? Let me look over your content to make sure you’re ready to share your website with the world. We’ll make sure your message is clear and your writing is effective and typo-free.